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Testimonials from Ambarvale Families

E. Howard

My son and daughter love their days at Open Arms, the staff are all very friendly and caring as well as hard workers. My children are well cared for and happy on their day care days. They have a great app and family fb page for updates, I would highly recommend to all families. 

J. Jane

The staff were very professional and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. They answered all of my questions promptly and provided great information/insight to how the centre runs on a daily basis. The yard had many activities and experiences set up and staff made such positive interactions with the children in their care. It was great to see and felt like such a positive environment to be in. Their management were professional and welcoming with quick responses to phone calls and emails. The rooms are set up beautifully with experiences for all children and their capabilities per their age group. They have done a great job at creating warm/educational/welcoming environments throughout the centre. I love that they also have a great educational program for the children going off to school.

T. H.D

There has never been a day or moment * hasn't wanted to go to childcare.... this can only be a representation of the care he gets, and enjoyment of activities and learning undertaken in his class.


I love the family atmosphere, the centre gives. With the caring staff, it's a wonderful comfort knowing when you're not there. Your children are having a fantastic time with new adventures each day at the centre with heaps of TLC given to each of them unconditionally. Have had all 3 children there and highly recommend the centre to everyone


 All staffs at OAEEC are caring, willing to help and easy to communicate with whenever you have any issue / need help. My toddler is now happy to go to DayCare, having fun as well as learning a lots from friends and the Educators. 

Testimonials from our Open Arms Children


I love painting, drawing and making best friends. I love my teachers; they give the best hugs. 


I love coming to Open Arms and hugging my friends.


I love everyone and it makes me so happy. 


I like singing songs the most. And playing games and seeing my friends and teachers.


I like seeing my teachers and dancing and playing with everyone. 


News Day. I love to share my toys with my friends. 


I love the swing. Especially when you push me on the swing and we sing the swing songs.


The food is extra yummy. And we always do fun things like bake cakes.


I like seeing my friends, my teachers and playing with all the fun toys.


I love playing with my friends. I just love everyone

Testimonials from our Open Arms Educator Team 

"The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting. It is a community of family and friends" 

"The educators are a great team to work with"

"Management always do their best to fit each and every one of our needs and make us feel like family" 

"Owners are very involved and are always looking for ways to support educators and make them feel appreciated"

"I love that we are like one big, happy family and always ready to support or help one another"

"Well one things for sure; we have each grown for the betterment of eachother, the children and the centre in which we represent. Open Arms - Thankyou for taking us on and pouring endless love and support into the educators and the families. We truly are a supportive community; a big family"

"The welcoming environment, the supportive leaders. The team" 

"The team that I work with make my job so enjoyable. I love learning from more qualified and experienced staff, especially as everyone is willing to help"

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