About Us


Open Arms Early Education Centre is a family owned and operated early childhood education company. A dream that began as a topic at the dinner table became a reality as a Mother and Daughter brought their idea for inclusive, supportive and strong family value early education to life.


With an emphasis on ‘family style childcare,’ the owners work closely to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging to the Open Arms Family. Our services focus on the children at the centre; ensuring that we strengthen each child's connection to educators, community, sense of self and the world around them.

With the owners combined 38 years’ experience in the Early Childcare Industry and a focus on bringing their family values and support to all members at OAEEC; you can be assured that your family will be met with high-quality education services.


Open Arms Early Education Centre has a simple foundation on which it was built.

To strive to provide the next generation with a 

high-quality, supportive and caring early 

learning experience. 

Upcoming Events:



Our centre is excited to begin it's bus excursions again. We enjoy attending various events and being a part of our local community. We also enjoy trips to our local reserve and park. 


Our OAEEC children have been a part of the 'No Limits Sports' program at our local sports complex. We have also built a community connection with JunctionWorks and will be participating in various event such as community garden replanting and Music Connect.