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Open Arms Early Education Centre is a growing childcare network; supporting families in local communities and striving to offer high quality care for each family attending our services. Owned and operated by a close-knit family; we promote a sense of belonging between our centre and families, build strong connections with communities and ensure our children are always provided with a home-style, caring, welcoming and nurturing environment.


Open Arms EEC believes that children are competent, capable and active learners who contribute to their own learning and development. Our centre environment is designed to allow children’s choice in their learning; being flexible ensures that we encompass all aspects of children’s learning, abilities and interests. 


We implement the National Early Years Learning Framework and recognise that Belonging, Being and Becoming are integral parts of a child’s identity. Educators embed this framework into daily practice to ensure that the curriculum facilitates each child’s learning and development in all 5 of the learning outcomes.


Our-play based program assists each child to grow and develop at their own individual rate with understanding, guidance and support shown by all educators. Our educators work hard to deliver experiences that are unique to each child, along with teachable moments that reflect group interests. We believe that with educators providing enriching, meaningful and realistic learning opportunities; children will explore, create, discover and imagine. We know our children work together to build and maintain friendships; whilst learning from and helping each other through collaborative learning opportunities.


Inclusive Practices: 

All children are unique individuals who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Children have a variety of values, beliefs, morals, religions and cultures and deserve to be treated equally and with respect.We believe that all children have the right to equality, including access and participation in our curriculum and environments regardless of their abilities, culture, gender, race, religion, social or economic background. We embrace diversity within our service and throughout our local community. This is achieved through respect, acknowledgement, appreciation and acceptance of all cultures. 


We support the inclusion of children with all abilities through accessing specialist services in our community, aiming to provide transitions and resources to assist each family and supporting their needs both at the centre and in their home environment. Creating an inclusive environment of trust will ensure that we are best equipped to support each and every family. 


Community connections: 

We strive to be a service which values community involvement in all aspects of our service. We aim to utilise community resources effectively, enhancing the growth and development of the children, families and educators at Open Arms EEC.


Open Arms EEC embraces, celebrates and shares all traditions focusing on Reconciliation and embedding the Indigenous culture into our services. We respectfully honour and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our children learn and play, and provide opportunities for them to learn from the experiences and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies. Open Arms EEC will strive to support all community connections; including implementing our published Reconciliation Action Plan. 


Partnerships with families:

Open Arms EEC is committed to building strong and trusting relationships with our families. Creating our own sense of community for our children; we ensure educators and families connect and are a part of supportive partnerships with each other. We acknowledge that family is a child’s first teacher and as we are part of the early education of children; we understand that it is crucial to be supportive, respectful and reciprocal to nurture these learning relationships. 


Educators continually encourage parents and families to share their expertise and knowledge, this ensures that we work in collaboration in the best interest of their child. Each family’s diversity is incorporated within the curriculum ensuring that they experience Belonging, Being and Becoming at our service. It is our intention that families feel valued and involved in their child’s learning and development.


Service self-assessment:

Open Arms EEC is dedicated to attaining and maintaining a high quality child care services. We seek input and feedback from families and educators to ensure our services are committed to continuous improvement, self-assessment and improvement. 


Relationships with children:

Our educators acknowledge the importance of children forming strong bonds and attachments. Attachment relationships enable children to feel comfortable and become confident in exploring and engaging with their environment. Educators ensure that interactions with children enable the building of trusting and secure relationships; allowing them to connect with each other. Our roster and staffing arrangements are designed to maximise continuity of care; whilst upholding our highly qualified commitment to our families. 


Commitment to sustainability:

The environment of tomorrow in which our children will live is dependent on how we manage the environment of today. Open Arms EEC strive to protect our environment; enriching children’s learning about sustainable practices to support the growth of an environmentally responsible next generation. As part of our children’s learning we value the use of natural and open-ended materials, we encourage the exploration of our natural environment both indoors and outdoors and we embed sustainable practices and procedures into our day-to-day operation. 

We believe that young children are the future of a better tomorrow. 

Open Arms EEC hope that by immersing children in a play-based learning program focused on their needs and interests;

we will support children to be confident and self-directing individuals 

who are well equipped to be successful in all aspects of their lives and future.

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