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Our Team

Open Arms Early Education Centre has a simple foundation on which it was built. 
To strive to provide the next generation with a high-quality, supportive and loving early learning experience. 
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A Mother and Daughter Team; Vanessa and Alyssa have 38 combined years
experience in the Early Childcare Industry.
Open Arms was named during a family dinner conversation with one promise;
 to ensure we always offer a personal and welcoming experience for all.
A nurturing second home for children. A high-quality educational experience. 
To be a part of our OAEEC family.   

Our Owners 

Alyssa Wood

I have grown up watching the childcare industry grow and thrive through each stage of changes implemented. I am an Early Childhood Teacher and strive to support the educators, families and children attending our services. I have a young family of my own, with 3 children aged 6mths to 7yrs old - they all embrace childcare as their second home. They have loved all stages of learning and play, all while sharing their milestones from 6 weeks old with beautiful and caring educators. This has been a highlight of my educator journey. 

I believe in children learning through play, embedding sustainability into every day practices, supporting our commitment to reconciliation and ensuring each child that attends Open Arms is known and cared for. I work closely with our teams to ensure that our practices are reflected on and noted for improvement if required, each service offers the highest of learning experiences, children's interests are understood and extended and the most up to date industry changes are implemented. Offering excursions and community support and access is a passion of mine. I believe that all children should know and access their local community to extend on learning opportunities and further create a sense of belonging. Together we pride ourselves on ensuring each child at OAEEC is provided with high quality care, full of love and learning. 

Vanessa Henderson

I have been actively involved in the childcare industry for the past 26 years and have helped Alyssa learn all aspects of Childcare Management. I also hold my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. My background is in managing and supporting services through management changes, accreditation and staff support. I have 3 big children of my own, Alyssa and her brother and sister. I am also a proud Grandma to 2 young children who bring me so much joy; I have loved watching them thrive in our childcare settings. OAEEC embodies our commitment to family; we have created wonderful friendships with our staff and community during this time.


I believe in offering the highest support to our families; no matter what the circumstances. You will always be welcome with Open Arms. 

Working together with my daughter to create our own vision of early childhood education is a wonderful experience.

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